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the trip. He opened their lunch-basket, took out 杭州足浴店胸推 something for himself and his companion to eat, nudged Shorty, and offered him a generous handful. Shorty promptly accepted, for he had the perennial hunger of convalescence, and his supper had been interrupted.

“Going back to the army?” inquired the man, with his mouth full of chicken, and by way of opening up the 杭州哪里有特色足浴 conversation.

“Um鈥攈uh,” said Shorty, nodding assent.

“Where do you belong?”

“200th Injianny Volunteer Infantry.”

If Shorty had been noticing the woman he would have seen her start, but would have attributed it to the lurching of the cars. She lost interest in the chicken leg she was picking, and listened to the continuance 杭州按摩那家好 of the conversation.

“I mean, what army do you belong to?”

“Army o’ the Cumberland, down at Chattanoogy.”



I might say that I belong to that army myself. I’m going down that way, too. You 杭州足疗技师输出 see, my Congressman helped me get a contract for furnishing the Army o’ the Cumberland with bridge timber, and I’m going down to Looeyville, and mebbe further, to see about it. We’ve just come from St. Louis, where I’ve bin deliverin’ some timber in rafts.”

“Where are you from?’

“Bad Ax, Wisconsin, a little ways from 杭州不正规的spa店 La Crosse.”

It was Shorty’s turn to start, and it flashed upon him just where he had seen that squarish face. It was in an ambrotype that he carried in his breastpocket. He almost choked on the merrythought of the 杭州桑拿按摩信息 chicken, but recovered himself, and said quickly:

“I have heard o’ the place. Lived there long?”

“Always, you might say. Father took me there as a child during the mine excitement, growed up there, went into business, married, lost my wife, and married again. We’re now on what you might call our bridal tower. 杭州男士全身精油按摩 I had to come down here on business, so I brung my wife along, and worked it off on her as our bridal tower. Purty cute, don’t you think?”

And he reached over and tried to squeeze his wife’s hand, but she repulsed it.

The bridegroom plied Shorty with questions as to the army for awhile after they had finished eating, 杭州桑拿按摩哪儿好 and then arose and remarked:

“I’m goin’ into the smokin’-car for a smoke. Won’t you come along with me, soldier, and have a cigar?”

“No, thankee,” answered Shorty. “I’d like to, awfully, but the doctor’s 杭州洗浴按摩体验 shut down on my smokin’ till I git well.”

As soon as he was well on his way the woman leaned forward and asked Shorty in an earnest tone:

“Did you say that you belonged to the 200th Ind.?”

“Yes’m,” said Shorty very meekly. “To Co. Q.”

“The very same company,” gasped the woman.

“Did you happen to know a Mr. 杭州哪里有特殊洗浴 Daniel Elliott in that company?”

“Very well, mum. Knowed him almost as well as if he was my own brother.”

“What sort of a man was he?”

“Awful nice feller. I thought a heap of him. Thought more of him than any other man in the company. A nicer man you never knowed. Didn’t drink, nor swear, nor play cards, nor chaw 杭州桑拿信息大全 terbacker. Used to go to church every Sunday. Chaplain thought a heap of him. Used to call him his right bower鈥擨 mean his strong suit鈥