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ed. As he had no voice in the matter, it is as well to agree with him. Mrs. Dove鈥檚 attention is a little distracted by the 鏉窞鐢峰+spa hamper


with the luncheon; and Cissy hopes fervently that 鈥渘obody will be hurt.鈥?

Let us count the starters. One, two, three, four, five, six. Mr. Crasher鈥檚 Chance, blue, and white sleeves (owner); Major Brush鈥檚 Down-upon-鈥檈m, 鈥済orge de pigeon,鈥?crimson cap (owner); Mr. Savage鈥檚 Luxury, scarlet, and black cap (Mr. Stripes); 鏉窞鎸夋懇浼戦棽浼氭墍 Mr. Brown鈥檚 Egg-Flip, white (owner); Mr. Green鈥檚 Comedy, by Comus, black and all black (Mr. Snooks); and lastly, Mr. Sawyer鈥檚 Wood-Pigeon, plum-colour, and blue cap (owner).

The latter鈥檚 appearance excites considerable admiration, as he takes his breathing canter. Wood-Pigeon is a remarkably handsome animal; and Mr. Sawyer, at a little distance, looks more like a jockey than any of them, with the exception of the redoubtable Stripes.

Old Isaac goes up to his master for a few last words before the flag drops. 鈥滄澀宸炶冻娴翠笂闂?You mind the double comin鈥?in,鈥?says the wary old dodger. 鈥淐lose under the tree鈥檚 the best place, 鈥檆ause there鈥檚 no holes in the bank; and, pray ye now, do ye sit still!鈥?

A faint exclamation from Miss Dove proclaims they are off. Out with the double-glasses! From the carriage, we can see them the whole way round.

One, two, 鏉窞spa鍝噷鍙互鍙hree! They fly the first fence in a string, Chance leading. The Honourable means to make running all through. Wood-Pigeon is a little rash; but Mr. Sawyer handles him to admiration. He goes in 鐖辨澀宸為緳鍑ら榿璁哄潧and out of the double posts and rails like a pony.

This difficulty disposes of Mr. Snooks, who lets Comedy by Comus out of his hand, falls, and never appears again.

The others increase the pace, as the lie of the ground takes them a little downhill towards the brook. As they near it, you might cover them with a sheet;鏉窞鐢峰+鍏ㄨ韩绮炬补鎸夋懇 but, while the whole increase their velocity, Chance and Wood-Pigeon, the latter followed closely by Mr. Stripes on Luxury, single themselves out from the rest. All three get over in their stride; and a faint shout rises from the crowd on the distant hill. Egg-Flip jumps short, and remains on the further bank with his back broken, the centre of a knot of foot-people, who congregate round him in a moment, from no one knows where. Down-upon-鈥檈m struggles in and out again, striding over the adjacent water meadow as 鏉窞瓒崇枟鎸夋懇涓嶆瑙勭殑 if full of running;

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but Brush is far more blown than his horse. His cap is off, his reins are entangled, he has lost a stirrup, and it is obvious that the Major鈥檚 chance is out.

The race now lies between the leading three; and Crasher, who has great confidence in Chance鈥檚 pedigree and stoutness, forces the running 鏉窞娲楁荡鍦烘墍 tremendously. He and Sawyer take their leaps abreast, the latter riding very quietly and carefully, mindful of old Isaac鈥檚 advice, to 鈥渟it still.鈥?Luxury is waiting close upon them.

鈥淭hat fellow has been at the game before,鈥?remarks Parson Dove, eyeing Mr. Stripes through his glasses, and struck with admiration at the artistic manner in which that gentleman pulls his horse together for the ridge

Zhang Jindong’s 5 recommendations of the two sessions: Breaking the situation is difficult for small and micro enterprises to raise funds, focusing on data sharing

Zhang Jindong’s 5 recommendations of the two sessions: Breaking the situation is difficult for small and micro enterprises to raise funds, focusing on data sharing
The two sessions of the National Congress will open in 2020.Zhang Jindong, NPC deputy and chairman of Suning Holdings Group, will submit five proposals this year, covering the development of rural revitalization, data sharing, green logistics, and small and micro enterprise financing.Zhang Jindong, who has been cultivating in the retail industry for many years, has developed a multi-party joint development of C2M production bases to participate in rural revitalization in a way that helps farmers and peasants.In the field of logistics, once again this year it is recommended to accelerate the promotion of green distribution.Affected by the recent epidemic situation, “contactless delivery acceptance” is becoming the mainstream, Zhang Jindong said that it is necessary to quickly promote the normal operation of the “last 100 meters” unmanned delivery.In addition, Zhang Jindong also has pragmatic suggestions on industrial and social issues such as difficulty in data sharing and financing difficulties for small and micro enterprises, such as promoting the social sharing of public data to ensure the safety and control of data sharing; on the basis of financial support, the dating industryPower to achieve comprehensive support for small and micro enterprises; improve the basic support of smart communities and establish a full-scenario operation service system.Supporting the construction of rural C2M bases; the establishment of the Data Governance Committee in 2020 is the final year of China ‘s comprehensive construction of a well-off society. Affected by the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, this year, the problems exposed by the disconnection of production, planting and sales are becoming more and more prominentSeriously affect farmers’ income and market supply.Zhang Jindong believes that the majority of e-commerce companies should actively promote model innovation and rely on online and offline advantages to help farmers and farmers.It is necessary to coordinate resources, realize multi-party linkages between the government, e-commerce, farmers, and colleges, promote the return of young people to become the main body of wealth creation, and promote the formation of common prosperity as the target, with the administrative village as the specific unit, and C2M (direct user manufacturing)The model is a rural production base with online and offline integration as the main sales method.Since this year, “new infrastructure” has become the focus of society, and the digital economy has become an important force for steady growth to cultivate new kinetic energy.Zhang Jindong believes that in the context of “new infrastructure”, data is self-evident, but the level of social sharing of most big data information needs to be improved.Especially after the outbreak of new coronary pneumonia occurred this year, the need to deepen the sharing and convenient use of big data information that affects social production and life has become stronger.Zhang Jindong suggested that a data governance committee should be established to promote the construction of a big data sharing system, establish a “public data social sharing” management platform, and at the same time improve the technology and management standards to ensure the safety and control of data sharing.In 2020, the new coronary pneumonia epidemic has caused a sudden impact on the operation of small and micro enterprises, and it has also highlighted the urgency of the shortage of funds.Zhang Jindong believes that financial support is a necessary replacement for the difficulty of financing small and micro enterprises, but the key is to focus on the construction of long-term mechanisms.He suggested that the dating industry power to achieve comprehensive support for small and micro enterprises.In the long run, it is necessary to strengthen the coordination of the industrial chain and create a better survival and development environment for small and micro enterprises through the exchange and sharing of data, funds, talents and other exchanges, and form an industrial synergy.Accelerate green logistics distribution and promote the development of smart communities Nowadays, logistics distribution has become a part of people’s lives.Since the beginning of this year, logistics and distribution have become particularly important due to the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic.Due to the variety of urban distribution vehicles and the new energy light truck scenario, it also affects the efficiency of urban logistics distribution, and it also has an impact on consumption upgrades, residents’ lives and environmental protection.In the proposal of “Rapidly Promoting Green Distribution and Improving City Logistics Efficiency”, Zhang Jindong made recommendations from the perspective of efficiency, safety and environmental protection, such as quickly promoting the proportion of urban distribution companies to replace fuel vehicles with new energy vehicles; strengthen the logistics around the cityThe construction of the park has formed a scale effect and intensive distribution; accelerated the construction of a demonstration project of urban green freight distribution and relaxed the right-of-way restrictions for new energy vehicles.In the end, e-commerce and leading companies in the logistics industry focused on promoting the unmanned logistics, and the “contactless delivery acceptance” delivery form was gradually accepted by users, and the new crown epidemic even amplified such demand.Zhang Jindong suggested speeding up the normal operation of the “last 100 meters” unmanned distribution to achieve contactless delivery acceptance.During the epidemic, “new infrastructure” became a hot topic. Against this background, the construction of smart communities has also attracted attention from all walks of life.As the most important component of a smart city, the smart community is an indispensable construction alternative in the “new infrastructure”.As a new strategy of urbanization development, smart community is also an innovative model of community management and service.Zhang Jindong believes that the occurrence of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic has exposed the shortcomings of the current internal community construction, and grassroots community management has put forward higher requirements for the construction of smart communities.In order to encourage and promote the development of smart communities and improve the quality of life of residents, Zhang Jindong suggested integrating community management into the social system, starting from the architectural design of government and enterprise construction, establishing a full-scenario service management system, and building an “one-hour life circle”.We will develop a smart community into a new form of community with high-efficiency government affairs, convenient services, smart management and smart life, and comprehensively improve the quality of life and happiness of community residents.Sauna, Ye Wang Chen Weicheng Editor Yue Caizhou Proofreading Liu Jun

MCN Institutional Research Institute completed 20 million A round of financing, led by Weibo

MCN Institutional Research Institute completed 20 million A round of financing, led by Weibo
On March 20th, the MCN organization “Cross-Research Institute” announced that it had completed an A round of financing with a budget of 20 million yuan, and the leading investor was Sina Weibo.”Crazy Research Association” said that this round of financing will mainly be used for its content upgrade, e-commerce, and overseas diversified layout.It is hoped that the data shows that the main body of the operation of the “Symposium” is Beijing Weihao Technology Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to as Beijing Infinix Zhongnong Business Consulting Co., Ltd., which was established on June 17, 2013. Legal representative Gao Zheming, chairmanGao Zheming, vice chairman, general manager Fang Dun, registered capital of 333.30,000 yuan, Sina Weibo Innovation Community Development Co., Ltd., Beijing Huoguo Science and Technology Center (Limited Partnership), Ningbo Wei Li Investment Management Partnership (shareholding ratio), the shareholding ratio is 59.41%, 30.60% and 9.99%.Beijing Huanguo Science and Technology Center (Limited Partnership) is jointly held by General Manager Fang Yedun and co-founder Zhang Ximan, and Ningbo Wei Li Investment Management Partnership (Limited Partnership) is the platform for Wei Li Investment.According to the information provided by the company, the “Cracked Research Society” was established in Beijing and received angel investment from Weili Capital. The team currently has about 50 people. It is a MCN institution rooted in China ‘s radiation overseas. Its core team members and responsibilities are divided.Including: Amir Gal-Or from Israel, is the company ‘s investor, director and chairman of INNONATION; Fang Yedun from China is the company ‘s co-founder and CEO; Raz Gal-Or from IsraelOr) is a co-founder responsible for overseas business; Zhang Ximan from China is a co-founder and chief operating officer responsible for e-commerce business and operations; Liu Qi from China is a co-founder and chief content officer,Responsible for content construction and planning; Xing Yue from the United States is responsible for video appearance and participation in content planning.Content system architecture, the content products of the “Crypt Research Society” mainly include video content with the main line of “China under the perspective of crooked nuts”, vertical video content with the main line of “overseas products and knowledge”, and “helping China”There are three main categories of foreign language video content with “Outbound” as the main line.Mainly through Weibo, B station, Douyin and Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok for distribution.In addition, the Wise Research Institute has also conducted many large-scale variety shows and co-productions with Tencent Video.As of February 2020, Affiliated Research Institute has accounted for new media matrix accounts such as “Affected Nut Research Association”, “Local Specialties” and “YChina”, and the entire network has more than 70 million followers.Following the core concept of “Let the world’s youths understand China”, the Crazy Research Society has launched street interviews including “Since the Group of Crazy Nuts Came to China” in the past three years.》 Various original video programs that help marginalized people speak, help alleviate social prejudice, and eliminate stereotypes.”YChina” has also become a unique content channel on Facebook that comprehensively introduces China.At the same time, the Crooked Society also incubated and signed more than 40 COL (Cultural Public Opinion Leaders, that is, video content celebrities with rich perception and strong expressive power of their own culture and Chinese culture).They are from Israel, the United States, Australia, Spain, Argentina, Japan, Thailand and other countries and regions, covering 10 vertical areas including food, beauty, fashion, travel and so on.This has also resulted in the “skewed seminar” gradually becoming a comprehensive cultural creativity and content production institution.The extent of commercialization, the current source of income of the company is mainly commercial advertising, e-commerce and overseas integrated marketing.The team has served more than 300 first-tier domestic and foreign brands including JEEP, Google, Huawei and others.Since the end of 2018, the Wise Research Association has been actively deploying more business paths including e-commerce sales and knowledge of how to internalize.A few days ago, Crazy Research has officially become a strategic partner of Tmall international e-commerce content, and jointly promote cross-border e-commerce business through live broadcasts and short videos.On March 8th, the affiliated broadcaster “Beltech” received more than 800,000 GMV and more than 3,000 sales conversions for the first live broadcast.In fact, the team is also actively looking for partners, hoping to create new business sectors such as live streaming of e-commerce and course services.Sauna, Ye Wang Bai Jinlei editor Li Weijia proofread Liu Yue