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Former Chinese richest man Zong Qing denied acquisition of AC Milan rumors: buy also buy the Super League _1

Former Chinese richest man Zong Qing denied acquisition of AC Milan rumors: buy also buy the Super League
Although AC Milan’s results were somewhat bleak, the issue of equity sales has recently been tossing up. The Chinese are surprised that many Chinese tycoons are also very close to this old European club, following the director of Dalian Wanda Group.After the long Wang Jianlin, the former richest man in mainland China, Zong Qinghou, chairman of Hangzhou Wahaha Group Corporation, also became the headline of the Italian media.Zong Qinghou post on Weibo denies that the acquisition of AC Milan is rumored to be hurt by our “Full Market”, “Slow Motion” and other similar Italian media have said that Zong Qinghou is ready to invest in the purchase of AC Milan’s shares, and there are three years to buyA long-term plan to join a 75% stake in AC Milan.Although Thai businessman Tachapur is still leading in the acquisition of AC Milan.But one of the major difficulties of his acquisition is that he must persuade many Asian investors to work with him to make up the equity required for the acquisition, and Zong Qinghou can directly raise these funds through his personal assets.When the Italian media reported this news, they also gave the name of the king of Chinese soft drinks to Zong Qinghou.  However, on Thursday morning, Zong Qinghou himself changed his position through his Sina Weibo account. Yesterday, online legends said that according to Italian “Slow Motion” and other media sources, Wahaha wanted to acquire AC Milan Football Club.But at present, we are still engaged in the industry in a down-to-earth manner, and have no plans to get involved in the football circle, nor have we had any contact with AC Milan.This news is completely false.And even to acquire football clubs, we will only consider domestic clubs.   All of this is exactly the same as the drama of the acquisition of AC Milan by the Democratic Wanda Group. I don’t know who is being fooled.(Xiaogang)