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KD came back to play Pelicans Green Curry in unison

KD came back to play Pelicans Green Curry in unison
The Golden State Warriors officially announced that, if nothing unexpected happens, team forward Kevin Durant will return to the New Orleans Pelicans on Sunday.  The Air Force, Durant is gradually participating in 2 to 2, 3 to 3 and 4 to 4 confrontation exercises.Due to the good condition shown by Durant, he has obtained the team doctor’s permission to return to the arena.As long as Durant’s injury did not repeat in Saturday’s team training, then he will be allowed to play against the Pelicans.  We hope that he can return a few games before the end of the regular game. Cole said that Durant will play the starting position immediately after the return, but will also be limited by playing time.But how to do it, we mainly have to look at his training and the attention of the trainers.  Cole continued to say: We are not worried about his running-in problem after his comeback, because he has been with us all season and has been very suitable for the team from the beginning.So we will add him to the starter after his comeback, but it will limit his playing time.  The Warriors are currently experiencing a 13-game winning streak.After easily defeating the Phoenix Suns yesterday, the Warriors have secured the league’s first record, and this is their third consecutive season with 65+ wins.  The Warriors are in excellent shape, but Stephen Curry and Green and others are not worried that Durant’s comeback will affect the team.  Absolutely not, Green said that he will adapt, but we do not need him to adapt at all.I think someone is a bit disgusted, because he is not here to adapt to the team, he is to use the performance to promote the team.We don’t need him to adapt, we just need him to return.No one would think that the Warriors without Durant would be a better team.  Curry said: Durant has been paying attention to our game, so his spirit is actually consistent with us.So he doesn’t need to adapt again.With Durant’s ingenuity and talent, he can take the team to another level.Therefore, he does not need much transition after his comeback.