From eating a cake to maintaining health, compared with McGee, what is Capella more than McGee?

Nov 27, 2019 LkksBqmL

From eating a cake to maintaining health, compared with McGee, what is Capella more than McGee?


From eating a cake to maintaining health, compared with McGee, what is Capella more than McGee?

The NBA’s new season has only begun shortly, although it is possible to evaluate a team with less than ten rounds to evaluate their summer operations, and the sample may be slightly less.

However, some of the words are really unsatisfactory, especially the Rockets, this team that was a fierce operation this summer, and now look back at them, there is only one voice left, and there is a lot of helplessness.

Morey, the Rockets manager who is considered a smart person by many fans, almost reversed everything this summer.

Ariza and Bamot should not be retained, obviously the salary is not high, the players are also very professional, but Morey is unable to give them their money.

Where did the Rockets go?

Giving Paul and Capella, both players got the big contract they wanted, and Ariza had to go.

Paul’s contract has never been, just say Capella’s contract, and it’s completely inexplicable.

You know, this summer, this player who has no independent offensive ability is pursuing a maximum salary.

Yes, only the superstars and the team’s cornerstone players can get the top salary.

Therefore, the Rockets did not hesitate to contact other players and become the Rockets.

However, his ability is not enough to match the maximum salary, nor is he worthy of any big contract. Apart from the Rockets, no other team is willing to provide him with a big contract. Capella has to be slick.Sitting at the negotiating table and negotiating with Morey.

In fact, at that time, Capella’s contract was already very good, and not to mention that he had a one-year contract with the Rockets, the Rockets can use him for a year anyway.

Just saying that he has no other team to go, with this, the Rockets have no reason to give him a high salary.

Look at the contract between Howard and Cousins, the All-Star center, how many times can he be Capella Hod?

Even if you don’t talk about these all-star players, just look at the McGee signed by the Lakers and think about the Rockets’ contract for Capella. Morey’s operation is really wrong.

The Houstonese only gave McGee a one-year base salary. The first McGee has become a key player in the Lakers. He has a good offensive game and the defensive end can catch more with his amazing bounce.Rebounds.

And what about Capella?

What is he more than McGee?

Possibly, the ability to argue, Capella is above McGee, but in terms of offensive ability, McGee is far stronger than Capella, even if he does not eat the cake, he has the means to send the ball to the basket.

Overall, McGee and Capella’s strength is half a catty.

Moreover, McGee’s vitality on the court is much stronger than Capellapo’s.

Since getting a big contract, Capella’s performance is like being in a healthy life, all kinds of hard work, making people speechless.

In fact, the Rockets can completely ignore Capella’s request and force him to stay for a season. This is Capella’s contract year. How dare he not desperately?

And now?

A huge premium contract has become a big burden for the team, but it has nothing to do.

Hey, Morey, it’s true that little cleverness is superfluous, but great wisdom, it’s far worse.