If you don’t eat Sanqi powder, what age is it necessary to eat Sanqi?

Nov 26, 2019 JeOqIuXE

If you don’t eat Sanqi powder, what age is it necessary to eat Sanqi?

If you don’t eat Sanqi powder, what age is it necessary to eat Sanqi?

In the traditional culture of China, Chinese medicine has always been an indelible part.

This is because Chinese medicine has a very significant effect on curing health.

I don’t know if you have noticed such a situation, that is, there are many Chinese medicine practitioners. They obviously have to live longer than ordinary people. Why is this?

In fact, the secret is that some Chinese herbal medicines are the magic weapon for longevity. If you eat these Chinese herbal medicines, you can have longevity.

Said a 70-year-old female Chinese medicine doctor, looks like 50 years old, and the skin is delicate.

Her health cheats are: take three or seven powder every day, use milk to send clothes, how do you not believe?

This person is called Chen Shuchang. She is a health expert in the section of CCTV Chinese Medicine. She has been studying military health medicine for many years.

She takes Panax notoginseng powder for many years and is healthy and healthy.

Anyone who has seen her knows that her face is white and tender, has no pigmentation, has a good eye and is of good shape.

Even she herself often said that such a young look is worth the loss of the Sanqi powder that she insists on every day, even better than cosmetics and skin care products.

Do not doubt, Sanqi is such a strange grass.

Some people say, then a little bit of 37 powder, really great?

Don’t doubt that the amount of Panax notoginseng is small, don’t let it take effect slowly. The international overturned the reincarnation several times. Nature still cares for Sanqi to this day. It is included in medical services, and there are so many herbs used in clinical practice. It is called “Chinese medicine.”The most precious person “is immediately it blindly.

The benefits of eating Sanqi: 1, freckle Sanqi can replenish the spleen and stomach, reconcile the blood.

Qi can produce blood, gas can carry blood, it can be used for qi and blood loss, blood stasis, can effectively eliminate freckles, chloasma, age spots, wrinkles and other markings.

2, moisturizing Sanqi can make up the Qi, qi and blood, oral or topical, can effectively treat the lack of blood and sallow, make the skin delicate, smooth and shiny.

Oral administration can be used with ginseng, Cistanche, Achyranthes, peony, and white peony to prevent dry skin, wrinkles, wrinkles, and black and yellow.

3, anti-aging clinical trials show that Panax notoginseng can prolong the average life span of silkworm and fruit fly, slow down the natural aging process of human fetal lung diploid cells in vitro, and extend the cell life to 98 generations, only 61-66 generations.Extend the life by 1/3.

It also has a protective effect on mouse kidney cell culture.

Panax notoginseng has anti-oxidation effect, which can reduce the levels of peroxidation and glycerol lipofuscin in animal serum.

Hydrogen peroxide damage Chinese hamster lung cells (V79) caused a decrease in SOD activity, and total flavonoids of Astragalus membranaceus had the effect of increasing SOD activity, which could reduce the damage of biofilm by oxide peroxide.

4, there are many benefits of spleen qi deficiency syndrome drinking Sanqi water, including the treatment of spleen qi deficiency syndrome.

Common spleen qi deficiency syndrome is mainly manifested in human mental fatigue, shortness of breath, and so on.

Drinking Sanqi water daily can achieve the effect of strengthening the body and can achieve a good effect of supplementing Qi.

If the body is edematous and the moisture is too heavy, it is very good to drink some Sanqi water properly.

Which age group began to eat Sanqi?

Sanqi, Chinese traditional medicine wants to prevent long spots, prevent three high, prevent acute liver, prevent hardening of the arteries, prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, it is necessary to start from the age of 30.

Geriatric diseases should be prevented from middle age. The basis of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases is atherosclerosis. Studies have shown that atherosclerosis usually starts at the age of 40, 40 years old?
The age of 50 is the stage of progress, and it gradually slows down after the age of 60.

To prevent, the 40-year-old is the most critical, but the middle-aged people around 40 years old are the most desperate to work, and the family pressure is also the biggest, they often lack the attention of themselves.

When we are sick after the middle age, we will talk about treatment. Naturally, there is no prevention.

Traditional Chinese medicine has always been more important in the treatment. The Yellow Emperor’s internal medicine also proposed that 鈥渢he doctor should not cure the disease, the Chinese medicine cures the disease, and the medical treatment is already sick鈥? that is, the doctor with the highest medical skill is not a good person to treat the disease, and even a person who can prevent the disease.
Special note: Children under the age of 10 are not suitable for Sanqi.

Although Sanqi can enhance immunity, the immunity of children under 10 years of age has not developed and perfected. Taking Sanqi may affect the development of autoimmune.

The best time to take Panax notoginseng Chinese herbal medicine – American ginseng sliced in the morning: In the morning, take 3 grams of Sanqi powder, the best effect on an empty stomach, and take it with warm water.

Taking it at night: Taking Panax notoginseng powder is best taken before meals to help improve sleep.

If you take a small amount after meals, it is best not to exceed 3 grams.

It is best not to take Sanqi powder before going to bed, because taking Sanqi powder is easy to thirst.
Sanqi powder is not only a cure for herbal medicine, but also a good health medicine!
Rejuvenate with Sanqi powder, rest assured and peace of mind!

The disease is important in prevention, prevention is to keep health!

Health is very important, it is more important to eat Sanqi powder health!