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100 days of love preparation

100 days of love preparation

Mu Bai is a cool-looking, cool boy with beautiful beauties around him. He is very good to every girl and has a gentlemanly attitude.

  Ruoshui is a beautiful and gentle girl who doesn’t usually talk much and is not beautiful but has a pair of clear eyes.

  Originally they belonged to two worlds, but because of the common goal of postgraduate entrance examination, people who didn’t know each other met.

  The day when I started preparing for the exam was painful and gray. Icy classrooms, rusty crowds, and math problems that I could n’t understand, made Ruo Shui feel heavy.

Struggling with helplessness and loss every day.

The experience of preparing for the exam is painful and tortured. If a person can go through this extraordinary period of determination decisively, no matter how much pressure or difficulty it is, it will be nothing.

  The weather gradually warmed, and Ruoshui’s mood improved day by day, because in the summer, when he returned to the classroom at the end of Ruoshui’s class, he saw bright eyes and a bright smile to greet her. He was white.When he entered the classroom on the first day, Ruoshui was thinking about how a beautiful and gentle girl could match him, but now Mu Bai has been watching Ruoshui, and someone’s heart beats.

  In the following days, I spent every day in the meeting of the eyes of the two, and the boring study became less tedious.

If Shui Shui pays attention to Mu Bai’s every move, even in the crowd after class, looking for Mu Bai’s back at the same time, even with a look, a smile is happy.

  Once Ruoshui missed the make-up lesson because he did not receive the notification, Mu Bai said to Ruoshui and told me your mobile phone number. I will send a text message to tell you what happened.

Summer in the north is sultry and irritating. The tutoring class in the afternoon is always drowsy. Every time I sleep in Ruoshui and lie on the table, the text message “Slacker, don’t sleep” appears.As a result, if Shui looked up in embarrassment and saw his smiling face again, all drowsiness would be driven away.

Since then, text messages have become a means of telling each other’s heartfelt. The unforgettable part of Ruoshui is: rain at night is full of pity, where is the sky without a moon, shadows are left alone, memories are hard to see, and sleep is sleepless.

  If Shui needs to take an hour train every week to listen to the lesson, then take a car and go back after two days of lessons.

In this way, only two days of class passed by quickly, and each time the train ride was when they shared their feelings, the days became full and happy.

  In the fall, they have become good friends, Mu Bai’s English is not good, Ruo Shui’s mathematics is even more messy. In the days of review, Ruo Shui supervised Mu Bai to recite words, and Mu Bai explained difficult mathematical problems to Ruo Shui.Simple and happy. For the time of review, they will stand outside the classroom and talk quietly. If the troubles in Shui’s heart can always be dispelled by humorous and reasonable words, they talk about the future, family, study, and feelings.This sense of tacit understanding and harmony lingered in each other’s heart. Mu Bai was very smart. In his words, he was a “standard Chinese man.” He also loved to move. When chatting together, Mu Bai would stand upside down and let Ruoshui look.Mu Bai’s dashing shot makes Ruoshui unforgettable.

Mu Bai said that he likes chatting with Ruoshui very much, because it’s not hard to talk together, and it is often half-talked. Ruo Shui already understands Mu Bai’s meaning. In fact, in the heart of Ruoshui, Mu Bai has already regarded Mu Bai as his blue confidant.

  If Shui was very fortunate to have Mu Bai’s encouragement during the difficult test preparation day, she was able to persevere without a half way.

After each evening class, Mu Bai will stay to make up for Ruo Shui to explain math problems. Only two of them are studying hard in the quiet classroom. Ruo Shui has taken Mu Bai as his teacher and the two will discuss each other each week.This week’s plan was completed by Mu Baixia and supervised, and Ruo Shui was responsible for completing it. Such learning is efficient and quality, and their academic performance has skyrocketed.

  Once Ruo Shui and Mu Bai had breakfast, Ruo Shui liked sweets. Although Mu Bai did not like it, he insisted on eating the same breakfast as Ruo Shui. As a result, he looked very distressed when he ate, but he said that he must try or not.

So far, Ruoshui still knows that they are having breakfast together, just like yesterday, when eating cake, there will be an extraordinary feeling.

  Occasionally, they would talk about the feeling of starting to meet. He said that when she first paid attention to her, it was because the black casual shirt worn by Ruoshui had a beautiful butterfly, which combined with Ruoshui’s relaxed temperament, made people feel very eye-catching.

When she saw him, she was attracted to the bamboo he drew on the blackboard.

Later, Mu Bai drew a few sketches for Ruo Shui. Ruo Shui collected them like a baby. During the break between classes, Ruo Shui became someone in the front row of Mu Bai.Let’s comment on what looks like in the painting.

Mu Bai’s painting is just a few simple strokes, which can accurately paint a person’s expression, very similar.

Ruoshui appreciates his paintings.

  Later, they became the same table, and began to sit with him with a very nervous feeling, but his relaxed, optimistic mood soon infected Ruo Shui, no matter where, Mu Bai was the focus, the core character,And if Ruoshui always listened to his spirited speech beside him, she didn’t like the lively people, but she was always infected with his lively character when she was with him, making Ruoshui feel that her heart had not withered and glowedVitality, Ruoshui feels that he has returned to a simple and happy university life, and is tired of boring work, which further strengthens Ruowashui’s confidence in postgraduate entrance examination.

They also agreed that all expectations were passed, and they could continue to be classmates. Ruoshui redoubled his efforts for this goal in his heart.

  Around the story, there is also a beautiful song “eyesonme”. This is an episode of a moving love story game. Every day, I will listen to it for a while after turning on the computer, because this song was introduced to her by Mu Bai.

  For example, the bits and pieces of learning make Ruoshui unforgettable. Now the exam is over. Ruoshui will still meet him in his dream every day, and will think of him when playing with the child, and will be excited or sad.Think of him.

The days they spent together, from summer to winter, went through the most beautiful moment of the year, and this period was unforgettable.

After the exam, Ruo Shui felt an empty feeling in her heart.

The results of the postgraduate entrance examination were not published. Ruoshui silently hoped in their hearts that they would all pass the exam. They will continue to be classmates and continue their happy and simple days. Let Mu Bai fulfill his promise to teach Ruoshui to play the classic game of “Sword”.

If water is thinking in his heart, Mu Bai may be waiting for this day to come.

Chinese: Seeing a psychologist is not a scandal

Chinese: Seeing a psychologist is not a scandal

When it comes to health care, most people think of health care products, health food, physical exercise and other physical health care content, and few people think of mental health care.

However, mental health is already a ubiquitous and urgent issue.

According to data released by the World Health Organization’s Mental Health Symposium in China in November 1999, there are more than 16 million people with mental illness in China and more people with innumerable mental problems; the problems caused by mental disorders are already high among all diseasesTop of the list.

  Health has always included both physical and psychological aspects. Physical and mental health have always affected each other.

A story says that two people went to the hospital for a checkup together, one with diabetic gastric cancer and one with diabetic gastric ulcer.

People suffering from stomach cancer feel that their death is coming, so their hearts are as dead as possible, and their condition quickly worsens, and they soon die.

Those suffering from gastric ulcers with diabetes, because they found that their bodies were not affected, felt relieved and their condition was relieved.

One time he went for a review, the doctor exclaimed that he had created a “medical miracle of cancer treatment.” He then knew that he was also a gastric cancer. The doctor had mistaken his test results last time.

After being shocked, he suddenly realized that he still maintained an optimistic attitude, actively treated and lived, and continued to create a new “medical miracle.”

  This story is very instructive.

Some patients that are common in the clinic always feel that the body is full of pain. After doing countless examinations, they can’t find the problem, and finally they become psychiatric departments, diagnosed as “somatization disorder”.

“Somatization disorder” is, in layman’s terms, the transformation of mental illness into physical discomfort.

Hypertension, coronary heart disease, psoriasis and other physical diseases, the onset and development of which are closely related to psychological factors, medically called “psychosomatic diseases”, that is, physical diseases caused by psychological factors.

  The number one problem with mental health is the change of mindset.

Chinese traditional culture originally recognized mental health, but I do n’t know when it started (probably when Qin Shihuang sought elixir), and one-sided pursuit of physical health in people ‘s consciousness accounted for part of it.

Many people are very sensitive to physical discomfort. They spend money on injections and medicines to buy supplements as soon as the wind blows, but they don’t think of psychological problems as “illness” or even personal “ugly things” and cover up everything, regardless of illness.

Look around us, how many people are depressed and depressed because of various pressures?

Doesn’t long-term mental pain have a greater impact on work and life than a cold and fever?

How many people, however, turn to a psychologist for help?

  A cartoon illustrates our concept of health care: the Chinese father’s waist is a “belief of vitality”, chewing ginseng and velvet antler, holding “three oral liquids” in one hand, and holding the child in one hand;”Juneng Calcium”, the father and son sat on the bench watching foreigners.

The foreigner was jogging in shorts and vests, and the children were in the same shorts and vests.

The cartoon entered the wood three points and made a deep reflection on the Chinese body health care concept.

Not only have we gone awry in terms of physical health, but we have also entered a misunderstanding in mental health.

It can be said that our concept of mental health care has not even been established. The goal of “basically achieving human ownership of mental health care by 2010” promised to the world is really a long way to go.

  How to do?

“Start with me, start from now.”

Start reviewing your own health concept and build awareness of mental health.

We care about the physical development of the child, and we should also pay attention to his psychological development; we care about and observe our own body, we should also care about and observe our emotions and thoughts; we use proactive preventive methods (such as physical exercise) for physical health, The same applies proactive methods (such as personality training and psychological counseling) for mental health.



Focus on prevention

Focus on prevention

About 13% of couples in the population suffer from infertility.

After two years of marriage, the love crystallized day and night has not been born, which means that she has infertility.

The pain of infertility is hard to understand.

Therefore, it is necessary for healthy people, especially young men and women who have not yet been born, to understand what infertility is.

  Infertility is the highest conception for couples living together for two years.

Divided into two categories: primary infertility, refers to those who have never been pregnant after marriage; secondary infertility, refers to two who have had a pregnancy before and then replace the pregnant.

  Can infertility be prevented?

The answer is yes.

As long as there is sufficient understanding of the possible disease, and it can reduce the serious harm and the cause of the disease, it can effectively prevent its coming to itself.

The following precautionary methods will give you satisfactory results.

Reasonable marriage does not marry a close relative, and does not choose a spouse with obvious genital defects, but was born late, and the woman married no later than 30 years old.

If one party undergoing pre-marital examination and pre-marital education has a reproductive malformation, it is not appropriate to accompany marriage; learn about the anatomy and physiology of the genitals through pre-marital education, and master the knowledge of reproductive parenting.

Protect body weight and avoid leaving infertility with a hidden intervention planned pregnancy. Stop taking contraceptives for 2 months before pregnancy, stop taking medications for complications; do not use artificially synthesized progesterones during pregnancy to prevent fetal genital malformations.

  Pay attention to childhood growth and inoculate BCG in time to avoid contracting tuberculosis and destroying young genitals; receive polio vaccine to prevent damage to the center; spouses should actively prevent mumps pill inflammation, and if there are hidden dangers, they should be treated in time.
In case the retina pill atrophies.

Andu puberty Puberty is a period of extremely acute sexual agitation of thought, psychology, and spirit. At this time, genital development is rapid, so it is an important period to prevent infertility: 1.

Beware of genital deformities such as non-porous hymen septum; 2.

2. Promptly treat puberty and menstruation in time to prevent severe anemia; 3.

Do not steal the forbidden fruit. Once the ban is opened, it is very easy to become pregnant and be forced to flow, which may cause endogenitis and obstruction of the fallopian tube; 4.

Reasonable diet, not too gluttonous and overweight, not slim and anorexia, not picky eaters and insufficient nutrition, so that the genitals develop normally; 5.

Strengthen exercise, study hard, and grow physically and healthily.

  Have a good fertility period 1.

Pay attention to sexual health, do not steal food and forbidden fruit, do not have extramarital affairs, do not engage in prostitution, and do not have sexual intercourse.

Not only wash your hands after the stool, but also more importantly, develop the habit of washing your hands before the stool to prevent the sexually transmitted disease pathogens on your fingers from transmitting to the genitals and indirectly acquiring sexually transmitted diseases; 2.

Be confident in yourself, avoid the flow of people, and be forced to flow without accidental conception.

The first abortion can be done or not, and it is better not to do it. If you must do it, you must go to a better hospital.

2. Intervene to pay attention to the occurrence of genital inflammation, and take antibiotics as necessary to prevent inflammation;

Pay attention to diet hygiene, comprehensive nutrition, do not drink too much, do not smoke and do not use drugs; 4.

Maintain physical health, often participate in cultural and sports activities, work and rest, not nervous, fear, anxiety, depression, do not continue to work under high temperature, avoid excessive underwear; 5.

Timely treatment of chronic diseases such as endocrine disorders and diabetes.

  Treatment of infertility is costly, painful and few cured.

The treatment period is also susceptible to fatal ectopic pregnancy, which can be fatal if not rescued in time.

  Therefore, prevention of infertility is important.

Couples with sex blessings are really happy

Couples with “sex blessings” are really happy

In the past, people thought that ED problems were mainly caused by psychological factors, but research in recent decades has made people realize that most of ED problems are caused by non-psychological factors. These factors are mainly organic diseases, drug use and trauma.and many more.
It is also recognized that the generation of ED problems is not directly related to the increase of age.
Experts suggest that we treat ED with the following attitudes: first, ED is a disease; second, ED will damage your physical and mental health, and affect your quality of life; third, ED must be treated.
  Another condition that also affects the quality of sexual life is premature ejaculation.
The most important cause of premature ejaculation is that under the influence of various unfavorable factors, it “forms” and forms a wrong sexual response pattern, which is medically called the formation of “pathological neuroreflexion”.
To treat premature ejaculation, it is necessary to correct the pathological neuroreflexes that have already formed and re-establish normal sexual physiological neuroreflexes, which requires systematic treatment and regulation.
The specific methods and steps are: 1.
Correct endocrine disorders and restore a healthy physique.
Re-establish normal sexual physiological reflexes, the stage of sexual behavior therapy.
Application of serotonin reuptake inhibitors and α-blockers.
There is only one type of premature ejaculation, and there are no “multiple” types of premature ejaculation; no matter how different the factors that cause premature ejaculation, the end result of treatment is to let both parties reach and enjoy orgasm together and enjoy a harmonious sex life.
Because individuals vary widely, there is no “standard time” for intercourse.
I can only give you a reference: she feels satisfied, and you enjoy the happy feeling of “conquest”, and the feeling of no fatigue on both sides is enough for the next day.
If sex is too long, exhausting both parties is not in line with the principles of sexual health care, and it is not conducive to long-term enjoyment of sex life.
May all loving couples enjoy “sex blessings”.

How to reduce the psychological burden of children?

How to reduce the psychological burden of children?

My son is thirteen years old and in his second year of junior high school, he has been a very sensible child since he was young.From elementary school to junior high school, it has always been excellent. My colleagues and friends around have long educated children to take my son as an example, and I especially admire the harmony of our family of three. My husband and I are also very happy for us to have such a few people.Son proud.

  But my husband and I also had an unspeakable trouble for this obedient son for three reasons. First, we felt that my son’s “worry” from childhood was often higher than his age and lost his due joy.

The reason why he is “concerned” is because we often feel that many things are not necessary for him to think. He should have his relaxed childhood and teenager, but he always has so many conscious and unconsciousThings he shouldn’t think about.

I don’t say some big aspects, that is, to the details of daily life, he always cares about “Does the door lock?

“” Daddy would be drunk again after eating out? ”

“,” Mom, you have to remember the road well, pay attention to safety “and so on; Second, you can not sleep well.

My son’s life habit is to go to bed at 9 o’clock in the evening, which is basically the same now, but now he often goes to bed for half a day and can’t fall asleep, which causes him to feel very anxious and form a vicious circle, sometimes until 11:00Fall asleep.
I also tried a lot of ways to help him, some kind of want him not to think too much, especially don’t think about the fact that he can’t sleep alone, or just get up and read a book, and naturally fall asleep when he is tired, but he said the problem is that he can’t calm downThe third is excessive urination.

He now has a habit of constantly urinating under certain special circumstances.

If he intends to fall asleep himself, before performing on stage, before taking a long-distance bus, before swimming in the water, etc., if these things are not started late, he will repeatedly urinate.

Like now he can’t always go to bed and fall asleep, he will get up and go to pee again and again, usually not like this.

  So when I saw these phenomena, I was very anxious, I could n’t help criticizing him, I regretted it after I criticized it, I really do n’t know what to do, I ask the professor for advice, thank you!

  After reading your narrative, I feel that you have made some obvious mistakes with your son. The first two problems you mentioned are not serious problems. The third problem is worth your attention. It is recommended that you go to the relevant hospital to check it as soon as possible.See if your son has a physical problem.

There are also problems with difficulty falling asleep, and you may need to consult a doctor.

  The above suggestions are for your reference.

Can commercial supplements without preservatives really keep fresh?

Can commercial supplements without preservatives really keep fresh?

More and more Chinese mothers are choosing complementary foods on the market, but many mothers are still worried: Are all commercially available baby foods added with preservatives?

How can food be kept fresh without preservatives?

  In fact, there are two factors that make food stale: one is that microorganisms continue to multiply and contaminate food, causing food to deteriorate; and the other is that the enzyme activity in food itself is enhanced, which breaks down food components and accelerates food spoilage.

As long as these two priorities are eliminated, food can be kept fresh continuously.

  At present, some of the fruits and vegetables on the market, especially imported or imported, use preservatives to keep them fresh. Moms should pay special attention to choosing and must not buy food that is not fresh or preservatives.

  So, how do the preservatives that are commercially available for infants and young children be kept fresh?

  For example, there are many baby foods. The substitute raw materials such as fruits, vegetables, and meat come from the designated raw material bases after strict inspection and verification. Strict pesticide residue inspections are required before processing to ensure the freshness and hygiene of raw materials.And safety.

Its advanced production technology, such as high-temperature sterilization and sterile vacuum packaging, kills microorganisms that may cause food spoilage, at the same time, deactivates enzymes in food, and keeps food fresh.

  High-quality infant foods not only retain the color, aroma, and taste of vegetables, fruits, and meat, but also preserve the nutrition of the food, and the taste is better than homemade.

So it is a good source of nutritious food for vegetables, fruits and meat for 4-24 months.

How does the wild respond to climate change?

How does the wild respond to climate change?

Although it is very difficult to predict the weather in the wild, it is not natural to listen to it.

Regardless of weather changes or meteorological phenomena, there are certain scientific laws to follow.

In order to enjoy happy outdoor activities, avoid dangers, and ensure safety, you should pay attention to some degree of knowledge about the weather.

  If we can grasp the principle of outdoor weather, even if the emergency situation caused by the drastic change of the weather, we will not commit serious mistakes.

However, it is impossible to understand and know everything about the weather at once, and we should usually study the weather in the wild.

  At the same time, after entering the wild, you should actually use your own eyes to observe the changes in clouds, etc., and strive to understand the wild weather, so as to look at the map and know that the terrain is similar to the familiar state.

  1. Preparing for and understanding of bad weather As mentioned before, military field activists should usually learn about weather, brake to understand the characteristics of outdoor weather, and why the weather has changed.

Therefore, learn how to observe the weather, the layout of the weather map, and the identification method, which is essential and helpful in actual activities.

  The so-called weather observation is a method of predicting future weather based on observation of the luminosity of the stars, the sun, and the moon, or the shape and movement of clouds.

This is a weather forecasting method that people who have worked in the natural environment, such as fisherman wild turtles, have realized from experience since ancient times. There are also a lot of sufficient scientific basis.

  Some meteorologists can predict the weather the next day based on the shape and movement of clouds.

The first step to getting started with field meteorology is to look at the sky and the clouds.

Watching the sky is of great help in forecasting the weather, please refer to the relevant specialized books for details.

  In this way, if possible, you should learn to correctly predict weather maps for radio-meteorological observations.

Recently, due to the research and development of observation instruments, quite accurate and abundant meteorological data have been obtained.

In the weather report broadcast at a fixed time every day, the weather map and the national weather conditions are broadcast to the public.

Recently, high-atmosphere weather maps have also been widely adopted.

  It is often thought that it is difficult to infer the weather map. In fact, once you actually start, you will find it simple.

Buy paper for weather maps and practice mimicking them first.

If you learn to look at the sky, you can use weather maps more effectively in the wild.

  Then, in order to cope with severe weather, the items that should be prepared before departure are: absolutely, never place a radio and weather map paper that knows the weather.

The radio should be small, lightweight, and capable of listening to shortwave radios.

This way you can listen to the weather report in the early morning.

At the same time, don’t forget to bring a spare dry battery.

  In addition, you should assume the severe weather conditions, prepare adequate equipment, food, carry rain gear, windproof jackets, sweaters, gloves, etc. This is not to say too much, in order to avoid the wet of spare shirts, pants, etc., it should also be filledTake it inside the plastic bag.

If there is room, and it does not prevent you from bringing your tent, you can use it in an emergency.

  In terms of food, individuals should always take dry food with them.

The main selection criteria are easy swallowing, easy digestion, and high conversion. It is better to transform into converted foods immediately after eating, such as: goat’s noodles, condensed milk, chocolate, etc.

  2. When encountering severe weather, what to do first is to deal with the occasion of severe weather. We must take countermeasures as soon as possible. Due to the volatile nature of the wild weather, in order to avoid the wet body from being hit by strong winds, etc., it should be worn before the weather worsensTake precautions such as wearing a raincoat.

If the weather can be predicted to be quite severe, you may want to wear panties first.

  The clothing to be replaced must be stored properly and checked again to avoid getting wet. If not, it may be too late to prepare when the weather deteriorates.

  Because unless all parts of the body are wet, the physical exertion has been reduced, which increases the difficulty of changing clothes. Moreover, changing clothes in heavy snowstorms is difficult and almost impossible.

  You should also eat before the weather in the wild has deteriorated.

Because in bad weather, there is not enough time to eat slowly, and you may not be able to eat for a long time.

  Regarding the action of the whole team, the scheduled itinerary should be confirmed first.

Check whether the route has changed, the rest place for the next stop, the location of the camping area, etc.

In addition, what is the status of each team member, whether there is a drop-out, whether the luggage allocation can be maintained as it is, without adjustment, etc., should also be replaced.

  And most importantly, take concerted action.In severe weather, troops can easily disperse, making it difficult to command; therefore, sometimes very dangerous situations can result.

  3. In bad weather, the conditions for continuing operations should be determined based on the severity of the weather and the ability of the team to cope.

As long as each team member can still support the destination and is not incapable of severe weather, and there is a lot of equipment to deal with the severe weather, it will not hinder the operation according to the original plan.

  However, it is necessary to understand the various effects that severe weather may bring, the rock wall is easy to slide down after being wet, and it is difficult to distinguish the route due to poor sight, etc., which may make it difficult to control the schedule of actions.

  Moreover, the fatigue felt by each team member will be more intense than usual at this time, so you should carefully consider the above situation before taking action.

During the operation, the team leader should truly control the command, exert the spirit of coordination and cooperation, and bravely move forward to the destination.

  Even if one of the team members is in a poor condition, he should take into consideration his situation and take actions to match his pace.

If they cannot reduce their baggage burden and can act in concert with other team members, assign others to assist.

  Or take a short break to wait for the weather to improve.

In short, do not act reluctantly.

Because reluctance to act in bad weather can often have disastrous consequences.

  4. How to determine whether to decide whether to camp in fairly bad weather and the team has no time to continue to operate, camping should be considered.

After being hit by bad weather, I decided to sleep temporarily. Not only was it difficult to find a place, but I was also struggling to prepare for it. Therefore, I usually make a decision to sleep as soon as possible before the weather becomes worse.

The method of sleep-sleeping has been described previously, and it is advisable to avoid sleep-sleeping only.

In contrast, many nearby houses and other places are quickly entered, and many are safe and reliable.

  The psychological preparations and suggestions for severe weather have been described above, but the most important thing is to make a detailed plan.

As mentioned in the previous chapter, maneuvering in response to weather changes should also be included in the plan.

  Then, in the event of severe weather, there is no need to act reluctantly, just lie in a tent or cabin and wait for the weather to clear.

Of course, working-class people in the army’s field activities often have to take action because of insufficient schedules. As a result, they are likely to be in danger.

  So why not make up for a day after the incident when it appears in the newspapers and becomes news?

Cherish life is always right.

Cervical spine health when elderly tinnitus occurs

Cervical spine health when elderly tinnitus occurs

[Introduction]Tinnitus in the elderly is always easy to be perverted by the cause of degenerative organ changes.

Experts remind that patients with tinnitus should check the cervical spine first, because poor ear microcirculation caused by cervical spine disease can also lead to tinnitus.

  Tinnitus occurs in elderly people over 60 years of age, and its incidence is about 36%. In clinical practice, many patients with tinnitus are associated with cervical spine diseases of varying degrees.

In the clinic, when experts asked whether tinnitus patients felt cervical discomfort, many people shook their heads to deny it.

However, after examination, it was found that the cervical spine of these elderly people had different degrees of curvature and other symptoms.

  According to experts, although there are many causes of tinnitus, patients with tinnitus should first exclude cervical disease to prevent tinnitus from increasing the malignant development.

This is because the ear is supplied with blood from a branch of the vertebral artery that protrudes from the cervical intervertebral disc. When a problem occurs in the cervical spine, such as lateral curvature, the vertebral artery will be affected, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the branches of the blood vessels allocated to the ear, resulting in tinnitus.

After traditional Chinese medicine treatment of perforated cervical spine and ears, tinnitus can basically improve.

If the cervical spine is not treated, tinnitus can develop into irreversible deafness.

  Therefore, it is important for the elderly to protect the cervical spine.

Experts point out that patients with cervical spondylosis are best to sleep on their backs. Do not put your head on the pillow or put the neck stem on the pillow when you sleep.

The height of the pillow should be as high as the height of the individual fist.

  In addition, the elderly should not continue to maintain a posture.

When the cervical spine is uncomfortable, you can use a large cola bottle to replace the warm water on your neck. This can penetrate the effect of hot compresses and traction, which is very helpful to improve cervical symptoms.

How high is your career bullish index?

How high is your career bullish index?

The competition in the workplace is very fierce. On the surface, everyone is getting along well, but in reality they are fighting in the dark!

Enter your subconscious today to see how high your current bullish index in the workplace?

  Translation: The company is going to perform the Beijing opera show at the annual conference. Would you like to play this role?

  1. The flamboyant Huadan 2. The wise old Dan 3. The mighty Wudan chooses the “Fragile Huadan” with a bullish index of 55%. You will be the successor to the Emperor and the Queen of Heaven with a Tomorrow star: This type of person is veryPotential talents and unlimited potential, as long as you continue to work hard, you can naturally take your own place in the workplace.

  Choose “wisdom old man” market bullish index 99% At present, the market is up and down, everyone is bullish, and you are in red: this type of person is smart and capable, and is active in work. Therefore, his outstanding performance at work makes his bossAnd many people are very satisfied, but it is recommended to keep a low-key attitude, so as not to attract the villains.

  Choose the “Mighty Wudan” market bullish index 20% so-called road remotely known horsepower, as long as you continue to work hard, you will be out of the blue: this type of people are silent farming type, in their own positions, it is easy to do their partThings, as long as you work quietly, one day will wait for a Bole promotion that appreciates him.

Autumn tonic

Autumn tonic

Autumn is a season from summer to winter, when people’s physical resistance is relatively weak.

In the fall, we should eat more foods that can strengthen the body’s resistance and immunity.

At the same time, the autumn climate is dry, so you can eat some foods that nourish yin and lungs, and eat less spicy and fried foods.

Autumn is a good season to supplement at any time, but there should be a degree!

First, at this time, the digestive function of the human body is still deficient after the summer. Immediately tonic supplements and indigestible food, increases the burden on the spleen and stomach, and may cause symptoms such as nausea and injury to diarrhea.

Therefore, the holiday family dinner party should be based on the principle of not hurting the spleen and stomach.

Second, the main reason for autumn dryness is that the body often has “autumn dryness” such as dry lips, nasopharynx, and constipation.

At this time, if you eat a lot of fat and thick taste at the family banquet, it will cause humidification, especially fried barbecue foods, which will damage the spleen and stomach, will help “dry” as abuse, and aggravate autumn dryness.

Thirdly, the family banquet is tonic, which is very easy to grow.

After the autumnal equinox, affected by the natural climate, the body is fat in winter and thin in summer.

At this time, human energy metabolism becomes more stable, and occasionally, cells gradually accumulate.

If you do not control it, it is easy to gain weight suddenly.

Warm reminder, yam, yam, yam fruit, red dates, etc. are appropriate to eat more at this time, not only rich in rich residues, and can nourish the spleen and stomach, tonic without getting tired, kill two birds with one stone.

In addition, it may be accompanied by some nourishing and dry foods, such as sesame, walnut, honey, lily, white fungus, etc., which is very beneficial to the human body.