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Five years later, Liu Binbin became Lippi’s secret weapon after being selected for the national football team again?

Five years later, Liu Binbin became Lippi’s secret weapon after being selected for the national football team again?
The national football team is currently preparing for the top 40 against Syria in Guangzhou.Before the training started this evening, Luneng winger Liu Binbin, who was re-elected to the national football team after five years, was interviewed.”I think we still need to practice hard, step by step, because after all, as a football player, wearing this suit is the supreme honor.”After five years, standing in front of the camera again as a national football player, Liu Binbin has faded from the old childishness.November 26, 2014 was a special day for Liu Binbin, because his name appeared on the national team training list for the first time.At the time, he was selected for the 50-man roster for the National Football Team to prepare for the 2015 Asian Cup of Australia.Subsequently, the training list was reduced from 50 to 31, and Liu Binbin was still on the list.On December 13 that year, in the warm-up match where the national football team defeated Kyrgyzstan 4-0, Liu Binbin completed the national team’s first show.Liu Binbin was selected, which gave Lippi a choice.Photo / Osports In January 2015, 22-year-old Liu Binbin participated in the Australia Asian Cup with the national football team and played in the group match of the Uzbekistan national football team 2-1 reversal.Five years ago, Liu Binbin, who was appreciated by the national football coach Peilan, was always difficult to see Lippi.Lippi coached the national football twice, spanning up to 3 years, Liu Binbin tactics have not been called.During this period, he also gradually reduced from the best newcomer in the 2014 Super League to a Luneng role player.This season, Liu Binbin played 15 times in the league, started 11 times, scored 4 goals and assisted twice. With an average playing time of only 50 minutes, the data is still very efficient.Speed and breakthroughs are still Liu Binbin’s biggest weapons, perhaps this is also an important reason Lippi called him in.Liu Binbin revealed in the interview that Lippi told him that his position in the national team may not be the same as that in Luneng. “In the club, you need to pull side kicks, here you need to kick in, and you need team cooperation.We still have to follow the requirements of the head coach.”

[How to make all-purpose sweet and sour juice]_How to make it_How to make it

[How to make all-purpose sweet and sour juice]_How to make it_How to make it

Each single seasoning in China is an irreplaceable food. Many dishes will use sweet and sour seasoning, because the sweet taste of sweet and acetyl attracts many people, and many dishes are the main ingredients.Not as good as the well-known sweet and sour fish and sweet and sour pork are these dishes that many people like to eat, and the general taste comes from sweet and sour.

So, how to make all-purpose sweet and sour juice?

First, how to make all-purpose sweet and sour juice?

Sweet and sour sauce appetizers and rice, no matter what dishes, as long as the sweet and sour sauce is drizzled, it can make people appetite, can’t stop.

This time I will share with you how to prepare a universal sweet and sour sauce. Use this bowl of sweet and sour sauce to get all the sweet and sour vegetables!

To prepare a universal sweet and sour sauce, the ingredients we need are wine, sauce, sugar, vinegar, and water. Mix these 5 samples strictly according to the ratio of 1: 2: 3: 4: 5, so use 1 serving of cooking wine, 2The raw soy sauce, 3 parts of sugar, 4 parts of vinegar and 5 parts of water are mixed together to make a universal sweet and sour sauce.

Second, since I have introduced sweet and sour juice to everyone, here are some ways to use it.

Preparing ingredients: Next teach you a versatile sweet and sour sauce preparation method, only 5 kinds of condiments are needed: 1, wine 2, sauce 3, sugar 4, vinegar 5, water, sweet and sour sauce preparation: 1 spoon of cooking wine, 2Spoon soy sauce, 3 spoon sugar, 4 spoon vinegar, 5 spoon water, stir well.

Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs: After washing the ribs, cook them in water and cut them out. Cut the onion slices and ginger slices for later use.

: Put oil in the pot. When the oil temperature reaches 70% to 80%, add the onion ginger and sauté.

Put the ribs in the pan and stir fry with the onion and ginger for about 3 minutes.

Finally add the sweet and sour sauce that has been prepared.

How to make all-purpose sweet and sour juice?
Pour 10ml cooking wine, 20ml white vinegar, 30g white sugar, 40ml raw soy sauce, 50ml clear water, stir and mix to make sweet and sour juice (cooking wine: white vinegar: white sugar: raw soy sauce: clear water = 1: 2: 3: 4: 5, graduallyPour the oil in the pan and heat, add 3 cloves of garlic, 3 slices of ginger, stir-fry the oil, and then put it like your favorite dish.

[How to make egg tarts without light cream]_Homemade methods of egg tarts without light cream_How to make egg tarts without light cream_How to make egg tarts without light cream

[How to make egg tarts without light cream]_Homemade methods of egg tarts without light cream_How to make egg tarts without light cream_How to make egg tarts without light cream

In order to maintain good health, in addition to maintaining good habits and proper exercise, diet is also an aspect that cannot be ignored. Only with proper diet can human health be truly taken care of. The practice of no-cream cream tarts is not complicated.Great for those who don’t spend much time cooking.

1. Prepare the required materials.

2. Then remove the tart skin from the refrigerator and thaw, and place it in a baking sheet.

3. Pour the milk into a bowl, add sugar and stir until the sugar melts.

4. Beat the eggs into a bowl.

5. Stir well.

6. Add two spoons of condensed milk to the milk, which is a small spoon commonly used in our homes. It doesn’t matter if there is more condensed milk.

7. Add the egg liquid to the milk.

8. Stir well.

9, and then pour the egg tart liquid into the tart skin one by one, it can be full.

10. Bake the upper and lower tubes at 200 degrees for 25 minutes. Adjust the time according to the temperature of your own oven.

11, time is up, hey fragrant egg tart is out!

12, put on the plate.

13, come to Zhang recent photos.

14. Finished product drawing.

It ‘s convenient to eat in the restaurant, but we do n’t know if the food is hygienic or not. Do n’t worry about cooking by yourself. Maybe you can learn how to make egg tart without light cream.

[Cold dishes can be stored in the refrigerator for several days]_How to store_How to place

[Cold dishes can be stored in the refrigerator for several days]_How to store_How to place

When the weather is hot, we all like to eat cold dishes, especially the common cold cucumber, which can be eaten with enoki mushrooms, fungus, pig ears, etc., which is particularly delicious.

But some people make it every time, the original intention is to make two meals at a time, and the rest is put in the refrigerator, but how many days can cold dishes be kept in the refrigerator?

In fact, cold dishes can’t be kept for a long time, especially ordinary green vegetables, which can not exceed four hours at most, so it is better to eat freshly mixed.

How long can cold dishes be placed in summer and high in summer, bacteria grow very quickly.

In addition to temperature, the time that cold dishes can be placed and the type of cold dishes, the length of time for different recipes is different: 1, cold dish platter with halogen ingredients, it can be kept longer without pollution, generally it canLeave for 5-6 hours.

2, after killing and adding garlic, vinegar and other auxiliary materials with a certain bactericidal effect to add auxiliary materials can generally be left for about four hours.

3, all cold dishes mixed with lettuce, such as cucumbers and other generally can only be placed within 2 hours is safe.

Too long a vegetable will consume the nutrients it contains, and the taste will deteriorate.

This type of cold dish is best consumed within 2 hours.

Tip: Of course, the storage time increases in inverse proportion to the temperature. As the temperature increases, the time will decrease accordingly.

If it is winter, the storage time will be longer, and it can be stored for about two days.

Precautions for eating cold dishes in summer 1, the ingredients must pay attention to vegetables and fruits. These vegetarian dishes are the first choice for making cold dishes. Since they do not need to be cooked at high temperature, you need to pay attention to the freshness of the ingredients.

Vegetables used in cold dishes must be replenished, and they must be rinsed clean when they are prepared. It is best to blanch with boiling water. This greatly reduces the bacteria and parasite eggs attached to the vegetables.

It is best to choose pollution-free green vegetables or organic vegetables, including water radishes, white radishes, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, bell peppers, cabbage, cabbage hearts and so on.

In summer, it is advisable to choose cold meats, such as fish and ducks living in water.

2. It is very unhygienic to wash the fruits and fruits without washing or wiping them with a clean cloth. It may cause a burden after being made into a cold dish.

The best way to wash is to rinse under running water.

Therefore, this step of washing vegetables must be taken seriously. You can wash it with cold water and then boil it with boiling water. This method can kill the remaining bacteria and parasite eggs.

Can be peeled, then peeled, and then processed into cold salad, more hygienic.

When cleaning, you can soak the vegetables for 30 minutes with fresh brine to reduce pesticide residues, and then rinse them with running water.

If it can be peeled, peel it. If necessary, use boiling water.

Put some vinegar, garlic and ginger at the time of cold mixing, which can both flavor and sterilize.

3, should be cooked and eaten many people make cold dishes, will be added to the refrigerator to refrigerate, and then take storage, or even continuously placed in the refrigerator, eat slowly.

In fact, this is not good, because some bacteria can multiply in the low temperature of the refrigerator freezer, which can cause diseases.

Therefore, it is best to make the right amount of cold salad, and make it right now. The remaining cold salad is not suitable for overnight.

4. Don’t use the utensils for making cold dishes directly, such as knives, chopping boards, bowls, plates, rags, etc. It must be cleaned before use. It is best to soak in boiling water first, and it is better to cook the dishes in boiling water.About 5 minutes.

In short, it must be fully disinfected before use.

Special cleaning agents can also be used for cleaning.

5. Avoid storing cold salad in the refrigerator for a long time. In summer, people often like to put cold salad in the refrigerator, refrigerate it, and then take it, or even put it in the refrigerator and take it slowly.

In fact, this is extremely unsanitary.

One germ can multiply at the temperature of the refrigerator freezer. This germ can cause infectious diseases very similar to those caused by Salmonella, and it is accompanied by pains such as appendicitis and arthritis.

6, do not put MSG or chicken MSG in cold salad is a fresh seasoning, but if the temperature is not reached, neither can be fresh, but will affect the taste of the dishes.

There is information that MSG is at 80 ℃?
Only at 100 degrees Celsius can fully play the role of freshness.

The temperature of cold dish is low, MSG cannot be fully dissolved, not only the umami taste of the dish cannot be produced, but the MSG particles will adhere to the surface of cold dish and affect the taste.

Chicken essence is the same, its main ingredient is MSG.

However, if some people are really accustomed to adding MSG in cold dishes, it may be better to dissolve MSG and chicken essence in warm water before adding.

Also note that vinegar and MSG should not be added at the same time.
Studies have found that MSG has worse solubility in acidic environments.
First of all, put some ginger and garlic in proper amount to combine sterilization.

[How to identify real and fake honey?

】 _How to identify_Recognition method

[How to identify real and fake honey?
】 _How to identify_Recognition method

Honey is a very delicious food, and honey is basically a natural product. It is a sugar food made by bees by collecting nectar.

Honey has been a very popular food since ancient times. Its sugar content is very high, which is very effective for supplementing the body.

Therefore, honey is a good choice for health care.

However, due to the limited production of honey, coupled with the drive of benefits, some have been producing fake honey, filling it better and so on.

There is actually a strict difference between real and fake honey, which can be identified with only a few tips. Let’s take a look at how to identify real and fake honey.

1. The color of real honey is transparent or translucent.

Real honey contains some proteins, biological enzymes, minerals, and pollen, so it does not look very clear, it is white, light yellow or amber, preferably light pastel.

Fake honey is made of white sugar or posing with syrup, so it is bright in color and generally pale yellow or dark yellow.

2. Real honey is a viscous liquid, which provokes visible elastic filaments, which keep flowing.

Fake honey has suspended matter or precipitation, has a small viscosity, and is drip-like droplets when it is provoked, and there is no flow.

Real honey becomes thinner after exposure, while fake honey is sticky at both ends without change.

If the honey is very thin and easy to flow, it may be mixed with water. 3, the true honey smells pure, natural, and has a slight plant-like floral fragrance, while the fake honey smells pungent or fruity.

4. Real honey is sweet and delicious, has a thick sticky mouth feel, a slight light sour taste, and a long aftertaste. When you taste the crystal block, the teeth bite and crisp, and the content is changed.

Fake honey is carefully tasted with bitterness or strange smell of chemicals, without aroma. The crystals are chewed like sugar, and the sound is crisp and loud.

5. Carefully check the label of the product. Some honey product ingredients list says sucrose, sugar, fructose syrup, high fructose syrup, etc. This is also true for real honey products.

On the label of honey, only flower honey or pure honey can be written.

It can’t be honey cream, honey drinks, or fake honey.

China Shenhua (601088) 2019 Interim Review: Rising electricity prices help hedging coal price leaders to achieve stable performance

China Shenhua (601088) 2019 Interim Review: Rising electricity prices help hedging coal price leaders to achieve stable performance

Event: The company announced its 2019 Interim Report, reporting that the company achieved operating income of US $ 116.4 billion, an increase of 9% for ten consecutive years; net profit attributable to mothers was US $ 24.2 billion, an increase of 6%.

The gross profit margin of the coal business was stable, and the increase in taxes and fees led to a slight decrease in profits.

The company achieved 217 million tons of coal sales in 2019H1, a year-on-year decrease of 4%, of which 75 million tons of purchased coal sales, a year-on-year decrease of 6%; at the production end, the company produced 145 million tons of commercial coal in 2019H1, which was flat for a year, of whichThe annual increase of 4 million tons in Harwusu was replaced by the impact of the Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia mine disaster.

On the price side, the company’s comprehensive content realized in 2019H1 is 420 yuan / ton, and it will be reduced by 12 yuan / ton in the future. At the same time, the average price of Qingang 5500 kcal coal in 2019H1 will be 605 yuan / ton, a reduction of 58 yuan / ton.The decline in the share of coal and the weak market are the main reasons for reducing pressure.

On the cost side, the company’s production cost per ton of coal decreased by 2 yuan / ton to 111 yuan / ton (reduction in depreciation and maintenance costs), and the outsourcing cost per ton of coal fell by 28 yuan / ton to 321 yuan / ton, saving the cost side.Basically offsetting the pressure on the price side, the company’s coal business gross profit margin remained at the level of 29% in 2019H1, which was flat for many years.

However, affected by the adjustment of Shaanxi resource tax and the increase of expenses, the operating income of the coal business decreased by 11% to 19.3 billion US dollars.

The installed utilization hours decreased slightly, and the main reason for the increase in the unit’s gross profit came from price increases.

The contraction of the company’s power business revenue, cost and other scale indicators mainly came from the meter output of 30.82 million kilowatts of installed power plants in 19 power plants that began on February 1. Of the 31.03 million kilowatts of installed capacity, coal-fired power units still accounted for 97%.

The company’s 2019H1 coal-fired unit utilization hours decreased by 6%. Under the assumption that the loss rate is more than flat, the company’s 2019H1 power generation 天津夜网 decline is also 6%.

On the price side, the company’s electricity price is 0.

323 yuan / degree, an increase of 0 in ten years.

016 yuan / degree.

On the cost side, the company’s thermal coal is mainly self-supplied. In the first half of 2019, the self-supplied volume was 88%. The price per ton of coal excluding tax was 377 yuan / ton, which was gradually reduced by 15 yuan / ton.

003 yuan, but the decline was replaced by rising depreciation and amortization and other costs.

With the help of price, the company’s electricity gross profit rose to zero.

At RMB 088, the gross profit margin of the power business increased by 5 percentage points to 26%, and the profit of the power business was basically stable.

The increase in investment income comes from the joint venture plant, which is less efficient than the listed platform.

The company’s investment income in 2019H1 was 1.9 billion US dollars, with an annual increase of 487%. The most significant increase came from the confirmation of 1.1 billion investment income when the 30.82 million kilowatts were installed and delivered to the joint venture. After the delivery, it was between June 30 and June 30.The operating income was recognized at 2 ppm.

The remaining increase is mainly due to the company’s purchase of wealth management products expired refunds of $ 400 million.

The installed output capacity of the company accounts for 50% of the company’s total power generation installed capacity, but the revenue and operating costs of the power business are approximately 40% of the scale, and the operating income has only contracted by 13%, which means that the installed efficiency of the installed part is relatively low.

From another perspective, listed companies take 42.

53% of the shareholdings from the joint venture confirmed investment gains of only 1 from February to June.

8 trillion, that is, the joint venture company has only achieved a size equivalent to the existing installed capacity of listed companies.

The net profit of 800 million US dollars attributable to mothers, while listed companies achieved US $ 4.7 billion in pre-consolidation (pre-tax) income of US $ 4.7 billion in the first six months, which is basically not on the order of magnitude.

Investment suggestion: According to the financial model, maintain the projected net profit attributable to the mother of USD 43.1 billion in 2019, calculated based on the 40% dividend ratio, and the daily replacement ratio calculated on August 23.

8%, PE is 8.

3 times.

Under the expectation of the bottom of the coal price, the bottom estimate of the company’s net profit attributable to mothers in 2020 will change by 405 trillion, based on daily exchange gains calculated on August 23,4.

5%, PE is 8.

8 times.

Overall, we maintain the value revaluation logic proposed in the in-depth report, maintaining 29.

Target price of 88 yuan / share.

Risk Warning: The bottom of coal price policy is expected to fail.

SAIC Group (600104): Stable operation of independent brands in 2018

SAIC Group (600104): Stable operation of independent brands in 2018

Event Company released its 2018 annual report: gradually realized revenue of 9,022 megabytes, each time +3.

6%; net profit attributable to mother is 3.6 million yuan, +4 for the whole year.

7%; deduct non-net profit 3.24 million yuan, ten years -1.

5%; expected earnings (EPS) 3.

08 yuan, +4 for ten years.

2%; estimated average return on equity (ROE) 15.

67%, a decrease of 1 from the previous year.

2 units.

According to the report average (2018), the company’s automobile production and sales were 6.98 million and 7.75 million vehicles, each -0.

1% / + 1.


At the same time, the 2018 dividend distribution plan was issued, 12 for every 10 shares.

60 yuan (including tax), the dividend ratio is 41%, corresponding to today’s closing price dividend rate of 4.


The submission was affected by the sluggish industry boom, the scope and data of the fourth quarter changed, joint ventures, and independent trends diverged.

Facing the cold winter of the auto market in 2018, the Group’s sales have strengthened against the trend, its operations have stabilized, and its turnover has increased1.

8%, 5 higher than the overall market.

6 averages, driving total revenue growth by 3.

At 6%, the leader further increased its leading edge to achieve expansion, which is in line with our industry view over the past year.

In operation, the company’s profit and non-net profit decreased by 1.

In the fourth quarter of 2018, the single quarter revenue and non-net profit deductions were respectively 13.

4% / 21.

7%, the first is that in the second half of the year when the industry is in a downturn, the joint venture brand has changed, and the independent brand has grown strongly against the trend; at the same time, the company’s merger of non-recurring profit and loss items increased by 2.1 billion US dollars, mainly due to government subsidies increased by 900 million US dollarsAnd after the subsidiary Huayu Automobile has completed the Xiaoying headlights, the divisible premium 杭州夜网论坛 of its original holder is recognized in the current investment income.

[Joint venture brands]SAIC Volkswagen, SAIC-GM, and SAIC-GM-Wuling continue to expand the top four of domestic vehicle sales, actively grasp the trend of consumption upgrades, and accelerate the deployment of high-end products.

SAIC Volkswagen ‘s highest sales volume was 2.06 million units, which was the same as last year. The sales model Tiguan and Touran performed well. In the future, we expect the SAIC Audi project to accelerate its implementation and help SAIC to enter the luxury market.

The highest sales of SAIC-GM / SAIC-GM-Wuling were 1.97 / 207 million units, once -1.

5% /-3.

7%, effective proactive destocking will be implemented in the second half of the year, and wholesale inventory at the end of the year will be at least -18% / 6武汉夜网论坛0%.

The initial joint venture contributed US $ 25.9 billion in investment income, -8% per year, mainly due to the increased product promotion efforts of the joint venture brand in the process of active destocking.

[Independent Brand]Behind the strong growth is the result of core technology enhancement.

Roewe and MG initially achieved sales of 730,000 units, +36 per year.

5%; of which, sales of new energy vehicles are 9.

70,000 vehicles, + 119% a year.

While selling self-owned brand products, we must also explore the key layout of SAIC’s electric intelligence: 1) In the electric field, the company’s new round of “Sandian” core technology innovation and the development of a new electric vehicle exclusive architecture continue to advance.Infineon has achieved mass production and delivery of IGBT products, and the pilot power of fuel cell (SAIC 300) trial production has reached the world’s leading level; 2) In the intelligent field, it has deepened cross-border cooperation with industry giants such as Alibaba, Mobileye, China Mobile and Huawei.

The investment expansion trend remains unchanged, and the short-term performance pressure is expected to continue into the second quarter of 1919.

The automobile consumption cycle has shifted from destocking to de-capacity. In the future, inefficient production capacity is gradually cleared. SAIC is expected to realize the survival of the fittest, and is optimistic about the long-term competition pattern of leading companies.

In the short term, according to Tianfeng Motor’s investment clock, the industry cycle inflection point is expected to come in the middle of 19 years. In the first and second quarters, the entire vehicle will still face pressure for performance changes.

Earnings forecast: Reduce the net profit attributable to mothers for the period of 2019-2020 to US $ 37.2 / 39.9 billion (down from the previous 38.5 / 40.8 billion), corresponding to PE 8.3/7.

8 times.

Maintain the “overweight” rating.

Risk reminder: downside risks to the auto market; sales of old models fail to meet expectations; new models are not listed as expected

Focus Media (002027) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Results are gradually bottoming out and waiting for the future to bloom

Focus Media (002027) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Results are gradually bottoming out and waiting for the future to bloom

The company released the third quarter report for 2019. The revenue in the third quarter alone is -15% per year, and the attributable net profit is -60% in a row. The company is expected to attribute the attributable net profit to -70% per year.
-65%, the change is narrowed.

We believe that the value of the company’s offline traffic entrance is stable, and the fundamentals have initially set a bottom. Considering the continued promotion of Ali cooperation in the fourth quarter of the e-commerce season and the 2020 European Cup and the Olympics, the performance of the industry and the company will be warmed up.

The company released the third quarter report for 2019: ① In the third quarter of 2019, the company achieved revenue of 31.

9 ‰, -15% a year; operating profit 7.

500 million, five years -15%; net profit 5.

700 million, previously -61%; net profit attributable to mother 5.

800 million, previously -60%; deducted non-attributable net profit 5.

0 ‰, the previous -64%, narrowed the excess.

② The company expects attributable net profit for 2019 of 17.

5 billion?

5 ‰, previously -70%?
-65%, corresponding to the net profit attributable to the fourth quarter3.

9 billion?

900 million, previously -62%?

In the third quarter, revenue and profit in the fourth quarter are expected to exceed the range by more than 19Q2. The overall contraction narrowed slightly, a slight increase from the previous quarter.

③ Net cash flow from operations in the third and third quarters.

10,000 yuan (ten years + 221%).

Continue to optimize resource points, operating costs remained flat, and credit impairment losses improved and narrowed.

① Since the first half of 2019, the company’s target capital expansion pace has continued to optimize the resource location. The company’s operating costs have remained flat compared to the previous quarter, with operating costs in the third and third quarters alone.

7 ‰, one year + 1%, corresponding to a gross 无锡桑拿网 profit margin of 48%, +1 chain.


② Single third quarter selling expenses 5.

800 million, sales expense ratio 18.

2%, unchanged from the previous quarter (-0.


③ Accounts receivable of the company at the end of the third quarter43.

300 million yuan, compared with 42 at the end of the second quarter.

6 million US dollars increase, credit impairment loss1.

The decrease of US $ 700 million in the earlier second quarter was US $ 3 billion. This year, due to factors such as bad debts and aging of some customers, the overall credit impairment loss increased, and it is expected that the margin of development will gradually improve.

④ The advance payment at the end of the third quarter is 9.

7 trillion, a decrease of 4 trillion compared with the end of the previous year, showing a downward trend. We believe 失败:重查 that subsequent follow-up companies will continue to optimize resource points, and operating costs are expected to be further controlled.

Fundamentals are expected to gradually build bottom, Ali can continue to advance, the 2020 European Cup, the Olympics and other events triggered a recovery in the company’s performance.

① The structure of advertisers has continued to improve, the proportion of advertisers in consumer products has continued to strengthen, and the degree of advertisers in the new economy has further deteriorated.

At the same time, the cooperation between the company and Ali continues to advance. We expect that the e-commerce promotion festival in the fourth quarter is expected to introduce more advertisers from Ali and accumulate more cases of quality monitoring, and obtain more advertising budgets. At the same time, let advertisers further understand the productsEffective value.
② The company’s short-term expansion rate in the first half of the year, and dynamic adjustment and optimization of resources for early expansion, we expect that there will be limited room for cost increase and growth.

③ The European Cup in the second quarter of 2020 and the Olympic Games in the third quarter are expected to bring advertisers extra weight and drive the company’s performance growth.

The company’s resources have grown in size and its layout has been optimized. The long-term moat has been strengthened, and the company’s long-term value is continuously optimistic.

① Until the end of July 2019, the company’s elevator TV media self-operated equipment 78.

50,000 units (approximately 3 in overseas subsidiaries.
30,000), the number of self-operated elevator poster media reached 195.

With 40,000 units, the company’s media network has covered more than 300 cities in China and nearly 20 major cities in South Korea, Singapore and Peanut.

There are 37 cinema media cooperation theaters, 1,870 theaters contracted, more than 12,500 screens signed, covering 310 cities in China.

② We believe that the company’s resource points are significantly ahead at the city level, the proportion of core office buildings, and the quality of the population. The continuous optimization of the conversion resource layout has accelerated the consolidation of the company’s core resource network.

Risk factors: 1) Downside risks: Ongoing risks of macroeconomic, consumption, and advertising market growth; Expected earnings growth under expansion; industry competition, especially competition with Internet media, exceeds expectations; financial quality increasingly exceeds expectations; short-term pressure to lift the ban.

2) Upside risks: Under the background of the economic recovery and the ad expectation of ad placement, the company’s high operating leverage brings profits, and it is expected to repair quickly.

Profit forecast and investment advice: Combined with the three quarterly report of the company’s operating conditions, we adjust the company’s 2019?
2021 revenue forecast to 12.1 billion / 13.1 billion / 13.9 billion (previous value 13.1 billion / 14.5 billion / 15.6 billion), 2019?
The net profit attributable to mothers in 2021 is forecast to 1.9 billion / 26.

200 million / 31.

1 ppm (previous value: 23).

300 million / 33.

200 million / 37.

600 million), corresponding to EPS prediction of 0.



21 yuan, corresponding to 2019?
PE 47x / 34x / 29x in 2021, the company’s long-term competitiveness and investment value remain stable. At the same time, we believe that the company’s fundamentals are expected to gradually bottom out, considering the continued advancement of Ali cooperation in the fourth quarter of the e-commerce season and the 2020 European Cup, the Olympics, etcThe aim is to bring about a recovery in industry and company performance. In the future, the company ‘s margins are expected to gradually improve. The company ‘s operating leverage is high and its performance is flexible. Taking into account the current valuation level, we upgrade to “Overweight” rating.

Long-term constipation how to do?

Recipes to help clean intermediates

Long-term constipation how to do?
Recipes to help clean intermediates

Click to buy the pain of constipation, I think many people have experienced it.

We must develop a good habit of defecation daily, otherwise constipation will occur over time and toxins will accumulate in the body.

So, what about constipation?

Here are a few recipes for treating constipation. You can try it.

. the ingredients of the remedy lard and honey cream that help clean the intermediates: lard, honey, 100 grams each.

  Method: first boil the lard and honey separately with simmering heat and let cool, then mix the two evenly.

  Usage: Take 5-10 ml each time, 2 times a day.

  Efficacy: nourishing yin and nourishing blood, nourishing the intestines, used for constipation caused by insufficient yin and blood, honey sesame oil soup Ingredients: 30 grams of honey, 5 grams of sesame oil, 100 ml of boiling water

  Method: Pour honey and sesame oil into a bowl, stir well, and add warm water.

  Usage: Take daily in the morning.

  Efficacy: Yiqi Runchang, used for constipation caused by deficiency of Qi and Yin.

  Ingredients for Su Ma Porridge: Su Zi, Ma Ren 15 grams each, glutinous rice amount.

  Practice: cook porridge with the above three ingredients.

  Usage: Take a small bowl each morning and evening.

  Efficacy: Regulate qi, laxative, can be used for constipation caused by qi stagnation.

Couples with sex blessings are really happy

Couples with “sex blessings” are really happy

In the past, people thought that ED problems were mainly caused by psychological factors, but research in recent decades has made people realize that most of ED problems are caused by non-psychological factors. These factors are mainly organic diseases, drug use and trauma.and many more.
It is also recognized that the generation of ED problems is not directly related to the increase of age.
Experts suggest that we treat ED with the following attitudes: first, ED is a disease; second, ED will damage your physical and mental health, and affect your quality of life; third, ED must be treated.
  Another condition that also affects the quality of sexual life is premature ejaculation.
The most important cause of premature ejaculation is that under the influence of various unfavorable factors, it “forms” and forms a wrong sexual response pattern, which is medically called the formation of “pathological neuroreflexion”.
To treat premature ejaculation, it is necessary to correct the pathological neuroreflexes that have already formed and re-establish normal sexual physiological neuroreflexes, which requires systematic treatment and regulation.
The specific methods and steps are: 1.
Correct endocrine disorders and restore a healthy physique.
Re-establish normal sexual physiological reflexes, the stage of sexual behavior therapy.
Application of serotonin reuptake inhibitors and α-blockers.
There is only one type of premature ejaculation, and there are no “multiple” types of premature ejaculation; no matter how different the factors that cause premature ejaculation, the end result of treatment is to let both parties reach and enjoy orgasm together and enjoy a harmonious sex life.
Because individuals vary widely, there is no “standard time” for intercourse.
I can only give you a reference: she feels satisfied, and you enjoy the happy feeling of “conquest”, and the feeling of no fatigue on both sides is enough for the next day.
If sex is too long, exhausting both parties is not in line with the principles of sexual health care, and it is not conducive to long-term enjoyment of sex life.
May all loving couples enjoy “sex blessings”.