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Midway Island in Decisive Battle plans to die for 20 years, Emeryridge analyzes the battle behind the scenes

“Midway Island in Decisive Battle” plans to die for 20 years, Emeryridge analyzes the battle behind the scenes
Adapted from the Battle of Midway in June 1942, “Decision Midway Island” was a key turning point in the entire Pacific War of World War II.Director Emeryridge started with a sneak attack on Pearl Harbor in Japan, and sorted out the comparison of the preliminary preparations of the United States and Japan, the intelligence analysis of the US military, strategic deployment, the timing of the war and some exciting air combat scenes for the audience.Director Emery Rich has directed special effects blockbusters such as “2012”, “The Day After Tomorrow” and “Independence Day”. “Decisive Battle Midway” is a work he wanted to shoot 20 years ago, but almost at that time the cost and technology were limited, only 20 years laterMove to the screen as you wish.The special effects in the film are also a challenge for him. All the war scenes and air combat scenes in the film are made by CG. The whole film has 1500 special effects shots, second only to the “2012” he shot previously.In the sauna, Yewang exclusively interviewed director Emery Rich, and talked about the preparation, adaptation and special effects of the film.Airplane on the poster of Midway Island.Preparation: The idea that this movie could not be shot 20 years ago to shoot the Battle of Midway has been conceived in Emory’s mind for 20 years.At that time, he found a company to which Sony belonged, but the other party felt that the movie budget was too large and refused.In 1999, Emmerich remade the “Patriot” depicting the American War of Independence.However, he has never forgotten the story of Midway.Since then, he has a habit that every screenwriter comes to his company, he will ask a question: What script do you most want to write?About five or six years ago, he participated with a screenwriter, who said he most wanted to write a script about Midway.So the two hit it off.The rest is funding.Emerridge has never found a suitable investor in the “Big Six” in Hollywood.In 2017, Yu Dong, chairman of the Bona Group, met Emery Rich at the Cannes Film Festival. Emery Rich told him the story and all the ideas and preparations for the movie. The two talked at the seaside.Hours, Yu Dong decided to shoot on the spot and invested 80 million US dollars.Emery was very happy to wait until now to shoot this movie, because the evolution of technology made it possible to shoot such a movie, “it was not possible 20 years ago.”When he was a child, he had watched the same corrected “Battle of Midway” filmed by Hollywood in 1976, but he felt that the film had not yet reached the standard of a classic movie, “So I remade Midway.At that time, in addition to showing the war scenes, it was more important to take the previous introduction and several Pearl Harbor incidents. If you do n’t watch the six months from Pearl Harbor to Midway, you ca n’t understand the Battle of Midway.Is a great war.”Emmerich used a lot of space at the beginning of the film to show the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, which was also filmed in Pearl Harbor.”Before filming, the director guided the actors and crew to the many memorial halls in Pearl Harbor to get up close with some background about the battle.Adaptation: Balancing Authenticity and Emotionality When preparing for the film, Emmerich read at least 50 books about Midway, read many photos and recordings, and one of them won the Oscar for the best documentary feature film.”The Fighter” (1945) was very helpful to Emery, a 60-minute color record filmed on the aircraft carrier.Many scenes in Midway Island of the Decisive Battle refer to this record.”Women’s Warrior” poster.In order to make the details of the film more realistic, the crew hired aviation experts who had served in the aircraft carrier as consultants.There is a scene in the film. Many soldiers lined up on the deck of the aircraft carrier to pick up the residue of the plane after landing. In this way, they waited for the comrades in the distance to return.People allegedly serving on an aircraft carrier said that some people would never return when they left. This method is also a kind of respect for soldiers.The film also included the scene of Hollywood Western director John Ford filming a documentary at the Battle of Midway. At that time, 280 planes bombed Midway. At the time, Ford did not hide from the danger of his life. Instead of hiding in an air raid shelter, he ran to the roof to capture.I was injured as a result.Because the film is adapted from real historical events, how to balance the relationship between the authenticity and fiction of the story is the focus of the director ‘s most discussions with the original creator during the filming process, “We must ensure the authenticity of the story, not its record.It must have exciting moments and emotions.”Although the movie is a war scene dominated by men, the director has set an emotional line in the film. The male protagonist has a wife and children, and there are more tender moments under the cruelty of the war.In addition, in order to show more exciting stimulating action, after watching several plane dive shots of the editing, the director Emeryridge felt that it was “not so exciting” compared with what he imagined, so he decided to retake the shot., The feeling of adding more documentaries makes these shots more shaken, and the final result has a strong impact.Special effects: The most difficult thing to do is the air combat drama. The film producer Yu Dong praised the special effects of the movie. He compared the similar “Pearl Harbor” 18 years ago. “The special effects of” Pearl Harbor “occurred mostly at the time.Relying on the model, but all the war scenes and special effects shots of “Middleway Island” are completely produced by CG. The production has taken a big step, but the budget is lower than that of “Pearl Harbor”.”” Pearl Harbor “poster.For Hollywood disaster film master Emmerich, the special effects in “Decisive Battle Midway” is also a challenge.The whole film has 1500 special effects shots, second only to the director’s disaster film “2012” (the film has 2000 special effects shots).Many of the thrilling scenes that the audience saw were done with CG. Some scenes of aircraft taking off on an aircraft carrier were actually shot separately. First of all, the crew set the scene in the studio to shoot the sky on the aircraft carrier and do 360-degree circular shootingAfter shooting the flight of the plane, and the effect of the sea water, all are made by numbers, and finally these shots are combined through very accurate calculations.Emerich told the sauna,, the hardest part of the movie was to shoot the pilot ‘s air combat scene on the plane. “This is the place where I work hardest in the movie.” Let the actors really feel like they are sittingDive down in the pilot’s seat. In addition to the actors acting realistically, the crew also used a blower to create a lot of wind to give them the feeling of flying. A real pilot stood beside them to guide them.The special effects also created a lot of images and animation plots, which made the audience really feel that the plane was rushing onto the aircraft carrier from a height of 2,000 feet.The streamline and path of the plane flying in the sky, the director also basically referred to the plane’s flying method in the album to make alternative calculations.The audience will see some shots in the film, some aircraft have hundreds of bullet holes in the fuselage, and finally crashed on the aircraft carrier. It is also a basic reference to the real scene in the record.In addition to being a director, Emerici is also the producer of the film.For him, only by participating in the production process of the entire film can this film be perfect.”Because I know all the tricks, if I participate, the filming will be smoother.”Indeed, the film’s budget is only more than 100 million US dollars, which is a bit cheaper than other special effects blockbusters. However, the director can’t disclose “sacrificing part of his own salary, otherwise this film will have to overspend.”The director interviewed Sauna Yewang: In the movie, the US forces bombed Tokyo and Tokyo and forced to land in China. Where was this filmed?Roland Emmerich: I took it in Hawaii and I have no money to come to China to make a co-production.Sauna Night Net: In the movie, there are a lot of Japanese battles. Was it smooth when the Japanese actors were invited?Roland Emmerich: It was quite difficult to convince them at that time, because they wanted to play bad guys again, and I would send them the script and explain to each of them that they would not play the typical World War II movies.The bad guy role.I like the plot in Japan. Although I do n’t understand it, I know it ‘s a very good part.Sauna Night Net: Is there a plan for the next movie?Roland Emmerich: “Moon Fall”, but this moon is different from the moon you imagined. It is a science fiction film with a fall on the earth. The investment is larger than this (“Decision Midway Island”).Sauna Night Net: Are you planning to cooperate with Chinese filmmakers to make films in China?Roland Emmerich: I will go slowly but firmly in this direction. I am very interested in shooting in China, but I do n’t have an appropriate project at hand.Sauna Nightnet: Recently, many big directors have turned to streaming media. If there is a platform for you to invest in making movies, would you like to?Roland Emmerich: Why not.However, in the next three to five years, my schedule will be full, and I will still watch the streaming media.Sauna, Ye Wang Teng Chao editor Wu Longzhen proofreading Zhai Yongjun